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Australia Election Result 2010

Australia election results 2010 were expected to be tight. But the Australia election results 2010 are so close, that the official Australia election results 2010 won't be settled for days. This is a situation that the nation hasn't faced in their modern political era. Parliament is facing a close race between the Labor and Liberal parties, the likes of which it hasn't seen since World War II. With all of this, the Australia election results 2010 are unlikely to be certified for quite some time.

Australia Election Result 2010
Labor Prime Minister Julia Gillard tried to maintain power, against the challenging Liberal party and candidate Tony Abbot. Just two months ago, Gillard took the prime minister seat from former Labor leader Kevin Rudd, but whether she can keep the position is still uncertain.

The Australia election results 2010 were expected to be close, but the numbers coming in are the definition of razor thin. Labor lost 16 seats and gained just two, leaving them with only 73 overall. This now leaves them short of the majority 76 seats needed to rule - but the Liberal party is in the same boat.

Despite the favorable Australia election results 2010, word is that the Liberals only have 72 seats. For all their new wins, they fell a few seats shy of taking over, resulting in a likely hung parliament for the first time since WWII.

Early estimates in the Australia election results 2010 have four independents among the Labor and Liberal members. In addition, the Green Party won its first seat in the lower house, and it may have come at just the right time. If these numbers hold, these five minority members could hold the balance of power in their hands, depending on who they form a coalition with.

But first, the various elections have to be certified, recounted and reviewed. Political scientist Norman Abjorensen told AFP that it could take up to two weeks for everything to be settled. While the Australia election results 2010 are certified, deals will certainly be discussed between Labor, the Liberals, and the independents.

Abjorensen told the Associated Press that Abbot and the Liberals may be most likely to form a coalition, although it would be extremely unstable. The Labor party has been the minority for most of the last several decades, and their first term back in charge has been riddled with trouble. Rudd was voted out due to unpopularity, and Gillard had only a few months to right the ship.

Abbot and the Liberals took advantage, despite Abbot's narrow nomination and some unpopularity amongst women. The Australia election results 2010 could be seen as a sign for America's upcoming race, as social conservatives rallied back against a reeling majority, just as Republicans hope to do against the Democrats. However, the minority party hasn't won yet down under.

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